Information from 2020

The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING was held on Monday March 4th at Hartford Hall Hotel.  31 people attended and there was much positive discussion about last year's events and for the programme for 2020.  




1.  John Freeman, as treasurer, welcomed all members to the meeting and opened the proceedings by paying tribute to Dave Capper who died in December and we remembered the sterling work that he had contributed to the Society.  He will be sadly missed.


John then thanked all leaders and organisers for their efforts in 2019.


2.  Apologies were received from A and S Tripper.


3.  Minutes of the 2019 AGM were read out and approved.


4.  Treasurer's Report.  The bank balance has reduced from £600 at the end of 2019 to £518 - due to the loss incurred by the day trip by coach.  There was discussion as to why there was a need for such a high bank balance but it was agreed that the fee should remain at £5 per person and some of the balance could be used to fund the Treasure Hunt that will be held in July - there will not be an entry fee and the prizes will be paid for from the bank balance.  


5.  Walks and Events Reports.

     a.  Dates for walks and walk leaders were agreed for 2020.

     b.  The weekend away will be organised by Alan and Jean Briers for the June 20th weekend and will visit Helmsley in Yorkshire.  Menu choices will be shown on the website for the Saturday night meal and Jean asked that menu choices should be sent to her by email rather than by telephone. 

     c.  The Treasure Hunt will be organised by Ron MacLaverty on July 6th and will visitii the Sandbach area.

     d.  The Sponsored Walk will be held on Sunday 23rd August and arranged by Denise Davies.  This year's charity will be the Northwich branch of The Samaritans.

     e.  There was considerable discussion about the Annual Day out by Coach trip that had made a considrable financial loss in the last two years due to insufficient members attending to warrant the cost of the coach. Various dates had been considered to try to avoid main holiday periods and Julie pointed out that arranging this event incurs considerable forward planning and costs to be paid in advance and if insufficient members turn up there is bound to be a financial loss .  An alternative would be to arrange a day out by train whereby all members would pay their own way.  From a show of hands it was agreed by 27 members that the day out by coach would be held at the end of September but if insufficient members turn up, different arrangements would be made for future years.   

     f.   Social Evening/End of Season Meal  It was agreed that the Antrobus Arms had provided a most enjoyable meal with excellent arrangements for the last two years and Denise agreed to ask if Steve and Lynne Durrands would be prepared to arrange a similar evening.  (Subsequently they agreed to arrange this for Friday 20th November).  .

     g.  Photographic Competition.  Jean Briers and Sue Beresford agreed to arrange this for 2020 and details of the categores and arrangements for entries would be shown on the website.


7.  Election of Post Holders       Treasurer                   John Freeman

                                                   Secretary                   Cath Freeman

                                                   Walks Co-ordinator    Denise Davies

                                                   Web/Advertising         Jean Pritchett


8.  As there was no other business to discuss the meeting closed at 8.20 p.m. and John thanked all members for attending.  



AGM 2021


Due to Conovirus restrictions it was not possible to hold a true AGM to review the walking season of 2020 but John Freeman circulated accounts and suggestions in time for the 2021 walking season snd Denise Davies agreed to compile a list of walks to be published for the 2021 season that will start once restrictions are lifted.  It was decided not to advertise walks elsewhere than on the website and we will ocntinue to keep lists and contact details of all who attend each walk.