Information for 2019

The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING was held at Hartford Hall Hotel, School Lane, Hartford on Monday 4th March and was very well attended.  



  1. Welome from John Freeman,Teasurer.
  2. Financial Activity 2018-19  - due to the loss made by the Day Trip by coach, the balance at the bank has reduced in the last year but members agreed that the day trip should still be arranged.  It was also agreed that the membership fee should remain at £5 per year 
  3. Photo Competition News.  Unfortunately only two members submitted photographs for the competition - so both Andy Ryder and Ray Jones were awarded prizes.  Due to a change in his working location, John Leese will no longer be able to arrange the competition but many thanks were due to him for the hard work he has displayed in past years for making the competition possible.  It was agreed that the competition has provided much interest and many superb photographs in past years and Sue Beresford offered to arrange the competition for the new walking season.  The new competition details will be inserted in the web-site in due course.
  4. Walking Report for 2018 and assignment of dates and leaders for 2019.  Denise reported that the walks had been very well attended and many new members had been welcomed in 2018.  Thanks were due to all walk leaders and to members who arranged special events.   It was pointed out that some members would prefer to share transport when the start of a walk is at some distance.  It was therefore agreed that walk leaders should include possible car sharing details in the walk information so that cars can be left safely in either Davenham or Hartford at the start of each walk.  Denise will provide a list of walk dates and leaders for all members on the first walks of the season and will leaders please ensure that their mobile number is shown on this list - in case members need information about a specific walk or if members are delayed at the start of the walk.  
  5. Annual Events.  The weekend away will be to Richmond in Yorkshire on June 22-23rd, the day out by coach will be held on September 15th and the Sponsored Walk on September 29th will be in aid of St. Luke's Hospice.  The Treasure Hunt will be held on Monday evening 15th July and it was agreed that the entry fee will be £1 per person.  Lynne Durrands agreed to arrange the end of season dinner again and everyone agreed that last year's event at the Antrobus Arms had been a great success.  
  6. Election of Postholders.  Although Cath Freeman would like to retire as Membership Secretary she (and the other officials) agreed to continue.  
  7. Any Other Business.  Dave Capper pointed out that more care should be taken on walks when leading groups of walkers along busy roads.  Jean Pritchett asked if members would be interested in visiting the workings of the Mersey Tunnel and it was agreed that this could be included in a walk around the various sites of Liverpool city centre on Saturday 11th May.  

Members should note that Denise's contact details have recently changed to or telephone 01606 41251 or 07932 150516.  It was pointed out that it is essential for Denise (and Jean) to have personal contact details for all walk leaders - and it is also essential that members should be able to contact walk leaders on the day of a walk in case of delay or having difficulty in finding the start of the walk.  If a walk leader is willing to have personal contact details shown on the website (or in the press) please confirm this to Jean Pritchett before walk details are made public - otherwise personal contact details will not be published on either the website or in public information about individual walks. 




Members were very sorry to know that Joan Dakin had died on 28th January after a long illness.  Joan was a founder member of Davenham Ramblers and she and her husband, Jim, have been very active and helpful in the past in arranging walks, quizzes and days out.  Joan will be greatly missed by all who knew her and our sympathy and condolences go to Jim and the family.  We were all pleased to see Jim at the AGM and he pointed out that the 25th anniversary of Davenham Ramblers was last year - some original members are still active in the group and thanks are due to Jim and the continuing volunteers for ensuring that members still continue to enjoy very diverse activities - including regular walking and social events.